Since I found, matter = resistance over time on Hunnakuh 2020, 


​I found that it is possible to open Astral Port which is how it is possible to convert energy into matter and theoretical how the universe works :)

 I am feeling good like I say: it is such you can walk through me, just a walking light who is connected with the source -- the 1 who sent me :) 
Matter = resistance over time ( Mx = Ω / s )  J / c² = Ω / s, so the energy over c² = matter  :) It is how energy will be converted into matter ;)
c² here isn't what einstein said, what then well ...

IENOmUA   you see AUM, Om, Amen, ... et le nom: IEOUA, I AM 1!
Matter = resistance over time ( Mx = Ω / s )
that means that you cannot go back in time unless the mass would be negative for time = resistance / matter,
in another way time can be expressed in Charge/stream, so if you want to rewind it is not working like a movie traylor  
when you want to learn spirituality in science knowledge you can check but you cannot hack the mind :)
:) 6 in Sanskrit = a reversed 3 but in Mayan they should read it as a 9
😃 they did read upside down, intrepretate it as what went up 13 x 144000 days ago comes back fore 13 in 20 stands for conscious 🙂 HeFun! conciousness, 🙂


It is clear that long time ago, even before the bible was written, the people on earth were assisted by all knowing and seeing Eye which is the Mind Dio - For how else could they write and build such enormous buildings as it seems they had no notifications to know how at first how to do ... Then something happened and they did go and left us a message, and where clear with their saying: we come back and the sign is given the time has arrived for you see -- I don't only speak languages from the past but I also can speak languages from other galaxies when they enable it themself due the 1 who sent me :) So they were called up, to wake us up to resurrect the destroyed temple, so we might have a vision to unify and be 1s.  :)
15012021 is my ३६ birthday so it might be high time :) Jesu :)




Ob. 6:6 do not damage the oil for 18:5

when that sin had raised to high, repent than for that reason I had to come down 19-8:5




1:11-15 The born Messiah ❤ H. Jesu :)


Yes it is such as the disclosure, the maths where symbolic been written in Krishna's time, Arunja represents the frequentions :)

J = ALΩ.Arunja << ALUM I can easy talk in Sanskrit without learning myself, a delight brings you to remember what that means as for answering your question in the first place :) 15.01.1985 the 10th. Avatar = born :)   O-DeeCcMIND   Jesu


When you feel the good that whats within, and you become to feel the good among yourself (luminoes cloud) you are aware it is living and, you can understand the statement:
I am in the Father and the Father is within me. So the teaching that you've to find it only within isn't enough to reach the ultimate ascension where Jesu was and is talking
about  you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses. That makes Jesu the true master of His destiny for it would happen before the time has come that the Father had put in His own authority. so HOSHIWA, ... Do you believe I am in the Father and the Father is within me? SO on the evidence of the miracles themselves you can believe :)   Jesu

When you would look a bit wider than just question where how humans come from, and look how many different animals there are,
it didn’t evolved from a fish that grown first to a dinosaur or any reptile and so on … just look than different: how many trees and plants there are, which spread due a seed, what did fashioned the intelligence into a little seed whereby fruits come on which are greater than the seed itself, those trees didn’t came through evolvement from totally different shapes, some did cross with each other, yes but a dog with a human doesn’t mirror the word into a flesh like god right?  So there are many much ways to accept that there is a designer whether evolvement did occur in some way …

hefun! Anyway. O-DeecCMINDu so seed comes due Dio His mind  Jesu. How else could it be my bloodID different than anyone else :)


religion isn't opposite of science, many science you can read between the lines, but yes that’s hard study and solve hard questions to see within the meaning itself, so Senses, it will much been overlooked cuz you think it cannot be, so you pass the senses and think how it might be. Sanskrit = science sænskrɪt.
(How do you read? You hear the sound it makes and it tells you something right) …, in the followed meaning as I mentioned above, you could intentionally read in the First acts that the time has come de HS. comes to unify us.

1 thing: when it comes so far is that the collective has to become one and you will be honored for it with a lot joy moments, but how bad if refused, I don't want to tell you right know what can be for the Holy Spirit is amazing and High powerful! The reason why it has to happen is more simple, take a look outside, there doesn’t have to be more mentioned ... We need a collective goal to have a brighter Future and to transcendence the obstacles, even so with oil abusing, for our breath we take has to be purified, and that is something to take for granted for survival mankind. Structures how we deal with materials, how in the way community works, money, ... Have to be changed to find relieve, the fundamental science to gain necessity energy is notified, so we can stop using fossils in a short time, when we bound our hands together to make it done, as unified purpose = become oneness!


Matter = resistance over time ( Mx = Ω / s )

The equation declares the reason how and why the universal law and the universe behold itself in balance.

Movements, attraction, gravitation, the mass and a lot more, so you see: infinite gateway for energy is revealed, ...



Matter = Ω / s, V/C, 1/Farad

W.s = Joule

AC = Λ . A / s

V.A = W

J = CV

Λ = C.s

f = 1/s (Hz)

W/AC = Matter  <<=>> Joule / AΛ

* >>> Mx = V.fx / A 


A = C / s  


>>>  C . M . Λ = Joule . s    (It means that our soul (J.s) = Matter . C Λ) ***

* >>> CV . fx . Λ / A = Joule . s

** Λ = C . s,  J = CV & s = C / A

** >>> J . s .  fx =  Joule

J . s = Joule / fx

Joule . fx = W

<<>> How higher fx = The more powerfull (W) it is.

*** (It means it is =  living matter)

>> Matter = J . s / A . C . s . s <<>> = W / AC << = M.


C = Farad . V   <<>> W / W . F

F . Mx = 1



I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING – When you would have read all, you’ve seen I’ve talked about AΛ, and you’ve read the quadrant of the vibration of our living soul, that the Spirit = Power become, see now what then has happened in the above equation: soul (J.s) = Matter . AΛ ❤ Jesu


                                LOVEVOL DIO

J / c² = MATTER

c² = (charge)²

c² = J . F

c² = AΛ

J / c² = Ω / s

AΛ /  Pa = m³ . F

AΛ = J . Farad

ΛC / J.s = F

c² / J = F

J.s / CΛ = 1/F




Divine intervention within you due frequency laws?
a radio works on wavelengths right? when a hyper high civilization would exist such as that you can read in the book allogenes, and it is told, such that Jesu comes from another world than the earth, why shouldn't it than not being possible to contact you within from a very distance? when you see the works of the soul confirms that it is possible.
Since energy = infinite the soul survive when body will be left behind …: “The spiritual resurrection defined”:
Psyche = f . J C / A
C = s . A <==> s = C / A
<<==>> Thats ditto sayed: “E = h . f”, …
"psyche" is defined as ("Joule . s" or "Momentum . lenght") subject on frequention level (f)
inner changes & spiritual awakening>>> Ephoton = h . f & h is expressed in J.s <>
s <>> herein Charge / Ampère, reformulated due
"Charge = s . A"
we can reformulate frequention (f) into A/C <<>>> becuz f = 1/s <>> (1/(C/A)) <equivalence>> A/C = f
So we than reform the equation (Ephoton = h.f)
into: “C . J = h . A"
So by enhighering of the frequention level or taking up more photons (Energy)
you’ll become inner feelings become aware, … they become vived, and your consciousness (energy) within ourself rise, so you’ll feel to become empowered!
= due the fact: C . Eph = h . A
:)while Eph. is expressed in J(:
The quantity of energy is subject to the amount of “lightenergy (h) = (J.s)” & the height level of the frequension.
Our powers (W = J . f) within our psyche also rise in the body. when frequency rise or the amount of energy is lifted up


The simplest explanation of the bible: they gived us a message,, when you’ve red message, you’ve understood or at least you’ve interpretate I am activated within. when you keep on using fossil fuels you'll destroy life on earth, as now you can measure in the other equation from above: infinite gateway for energy is revealed.


The voice IEOUA recording itself clear stated: 3:10  I (Spirit) come (massa) = (body), when that happens to you, He warned: “re-unite”.
   The voice recording
IEOUA clearifies, testifies wherefore and, who I AΛ and shall come than when Spirit has come!

Matter = resistance over time ( Mx = Ω / s ) means that timetravelling isn't possible when you have a matterform  ;)


there is a distinction that you have to understand that I have been telling you for years, either it is that you do not want to understand it or more simply that you cannot understand it because you have not had a feeling for it yet has to be able to make that distinction. Surely it is pretty clear with an example like if I say I speak another language that I learned myself you say I am that means that you don't understand, if I say it can read my mind yes that is. Sanskrit is not a written language since many Asian countries are branches on Sanskrit that first knew 18 symbols more as the devangary that is written language, if I speak Sanskrit that means it was there before anything was written down. At the time of Krishna people spoke Sanskrit and the world was 1 with each other, the tower of babel or the scattering happened when people all started to speak a different language and their own symbols started to give sound ... for example thais has 44 but is a much later branch of the 76 original Sanskrit. if one would look at the time of Yugas the past 5000+ years is the demonic time where people has tried to corrupt all the truth, and that is now coming to an end, so yes one is quite good at heart because for the other people it is brutal bad luck. some think when Siva comes the world gonna be destroyed and then renewed, some think when Siva comes the demons be expelled and then, we become in harmony. the 10th avatar of Visnu represent Jesu, with Siva in him. Yes it is such as the disclosure, maths where symbolic been written in Krishna's time, later people tried to find themselves what already was been known. Arunja represents the vibrations: J = ALΩ.Arunja So in other words in the disclosure: Alpha Omega. so when you then read in the act of the bible and it says that they suddenly speak the same language and everyone is surprised with what that means because they speak again in their original language then you understand that that is about to happen. ॐ DeVader is deHS en de Zoon maakte bekent. IENOmUA  JesUtRA) Jesu


Just see when you've more energy (J) than the farad (F) than you have a equation that is equal to the (charge)² it is correct because AL/AL = 1

 formula: E = h . f, because the f affects the amount of energy so when the farad is been reached which is the total capacity, where does than the extra energy become? So when your body can wair an amount of energy and you have more than the body could contain, you see what happened? :)  Farad = C/V, an expansion happened after a shockwave and you where inside out going up to heFun! :) what I said into question what happens for example when you have a body which beholds energy and you have more than the body could behold and is still there you see JC = become powerful wave ° Jesu in corporate :)

The gateway to use infinite energy, eternal life ​ DIO Messiah

c² = J . F


AC/Hz = ALambda

A . s² = Λ

s² = Λ / A

s = C/A

Λ = C.s

s = Λ . A / AC

AC = Λ . A / s

AL/LA = 1


C² = A².s² >>

(charge)² = AΛ

>> W Λ = JC

Derived from (V.A = W) (J = Pa.m³) (Farad = C/V)


Matter = resistance over time ( Mx = Ω / s )  J / c² = Ω / s, so the energy over c² = matter  :)

It is how energy will be converted into matter ;)


Do you know what a fact is: a fact = ac wherein that the tf = sf
so when t expressed in seconds would be go in equivalence with the vibration expressed in Hz, than the moving charge (ac) absolve each altogether with the (tf) as you see a duality equation that (sf) should than being virtual 1 indif-language sensed 1 = 1.
So when you are willing to talk about facts it means then there is time to act: salt = stAΛ & ac/Hz = AL

Ōmeteōtl: what can be seasoned sealt verses 8!



VA = C V.f

So when you let guide “voltage stream” (VA) to eachother VA – VA Theron 1 measured fore example 10W – 10W forms 100W. These need to be guided into a 3rth circuit and the other equal circuits may not collide indirectly without the 3rth connection! When such construction = formed we’ve alot resource.





JC / Λ = W






JC / Λ = W

Based on sHumanresonace 7,83Hz² = 61,3089 Hz!
When spiritual awareness (f.J.s) = raised up to Hz², than you've changed the formulation
f . J C / A and reached JC = Λ (spiritual awareness) 

C = s . A

>> s = C / A

>> A = C / s

f = 1 / s

>> A = C . f

Λ = C . s

f . J C / A <<>> f . J C = A

when spiritual awareness raised up to Hz² = f²

>> J C = A / (1/s²) <<>> J C = A . s²

J C = A . s² comensurated with “A = C . f “ = “A = C / s”

>>>> J C = C . s² / s

<<<>>> J C = C . s

<<>> JC = Λ (spiritual awareness)


indeed JC = Vivid


IEoua JHzes


JC = Λ (spiritual awareness)

<<>> Spirit = Power (J/s)  I-Jesu



I-Jesu the messiah tells that, the Spirit = Father DIO who has pre-sent me and kept His word to come when the time has fully arrived. Hefun!




Spirit = Power (J/s)    I-Jesu

1:11-15 The born Messiah ❤ I-Jesu Jhoi!
D-Done Cj/Λ = W


"engel H. Jesu nr ६६०" 
३६  the tree of knowledge 

❤ The book of delight :)






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