Climate change

1. IT & maths behind the scenes
3. Learning from the past, insights and what to do?


1. 5G-networks & maths behind the scenes:

Lambda . A = Pressure . m³ . Farad


Pushing “wave streams (Lambda . A)” into atmosphere (m³) due 5G-networks,
pressure on the total capacitance (Farad) rise, concequence = climate changes!
<<Joule = Energy, heat >> Joule = Pa . m³ <>> Atmosphere Temperature rising!

Based on reformulated mathematics:

s4.A²/kg.m² = Farad (elektrical capacitance)
Kg/s².A = Tesla (magnetic induction)

Tesla . Farad = s4.A²/kg.m² . kg/s².A
absolved <==> s². A / m² 
<<< s² = C²/A² >> reforme in “s² . A / m²” <<<we get>>> C²  / A . m²

C = s . A >>> A = C/s

<<< reforme in “C² / A . m²” <<<<we get>>>> C² / (C/s) .m²
<<< since divided over divided   >>> s comes back to above and C² absolve in C >>>
we reformuate Farad . Tesla = C.s / m²
since C.s = Lambda >>>>

We become equation:

Tesla . Farad = Lambda / m²

Tesla . m² = Weber
 J/A = Weber (magnetic flux)
<<<>>> Lambda = Farad . Weber
<<<>>> Lambda = Joule . Farad / A

<<<>>> Lambda = C . s
<<<>>> 1/s = f <<< 1 / (1/s) = 1 / f >>> 1 / f = s
consequence >>>> Lambda = C/f

Pressure . m³ = Joule

since Lambda = Joule . Farad / A
we reformulate:  
Lambda = Pressure . m³ . Farad / A
Lambda . A = Pressure . m³ . Farad

since pressure rise due by more wavestreams (Lambda . A)
<<Joule = Energy, heat >> Atmosphere Temperature rising!


Lambda . A = Pressure . m³ . Farad

>>>> Lambda = C/f  & Farad = C/V
<<<< Volt . Ampère = frequention . Pressure . m³
>>>> when frequention rates enhighers:
the pressure in the atmosphere rise, which creates extra droughts due High fields
= drys up forming waterclouds, aswell it intensify the existing formed clouds due it, becuz it enhighers the voltage generation in the air stream, …
The resistance (ohm) from photons (J.s) in the stream lowers becuz:
reformulation: Farad = s/ohm
we get from equation: “Lambda . A = Pressure . m³ . Farad”
<>> C . ohm = f . J.s / A  >>> rising sun UV index, cuz it is easier to send through!
C.ohm.A = N.m
<<>>> C.ohm.A / f = J.s

Hilaric seen: when the frequention rate highers up, the comha change into becoming more awake!
and on the magnetic front the weightens (N) lowers, … C.Ohm.A = f . J.s <<>>>
The energy of the “soul” rising, becuz it is defined as “J.s” or “momentum . lenght” 😊 depents on “the f” rate!


So One comes as a “théf” right away: so-on e say: Yes! Come 515! seen as , … Jesus



3. Learning from the past, insights and what to do?


Dutch article: 

Our (Belgium) climate changed from very warm into icy in just 200 years, some 100,000 years ago, >> our climate has cooled very quickly in the past. This is evident from geological research of dripstones in the caves of Han-sur-Lesse and Remouchamps. 
It is about the period of the last intermediate ice age, from 128,000 to 117,000 years ago.

Then it was on average four degrees warmer than now. But in almost 200 years, it cooled down so much that the forest vegetation disappeared and only cold steppe remained.

In the picture below: over the past 422.000 years you see even so, that the rise of sea-level is compared with the rising temperature and than after a short period of time the climate change abdrubt

<<>>> Reasonable question can be: A break in gulfstream due too less salt, that it breaks down the heaviness of its stream due saltwater is heavier than the molter ice water, which is saltless – which each time occurs when ice sheets been melted the warm influence stream of water strenght of the gulfstreams in Madagascar and the Gulf of Mexico has already lost 15% of its strenght, still it isn't stopped yet but we've to be alert for that it won't break off adruptly. 

(The bible also makes their statements from such as: it changes the watersstreams, heavy wind occurs, and with question about salt: what can be SEASONed due by it ;))  

Reason WHY <<did>> YHW questioned so many questions too a human (book Job) – with many dissasters around them happening? Mere to gain knownledge how to control climate changes, so humanity would know why the book is written and how can we overcome as mankind ….  If one should do research in all verses about the sense wherein SALT comes forth in Bible, you should recognize that what is been said here. 

What Is meant to say about salt, who can give those who are thirsty their drink and agriculture the land? We can control the rising seawater levels, to filter the salt out of the seawater, to give people fresh water to drink; and bring stability of the sweet influences of the gulfstreams by bringing the salt back in the sea in outren north and sud where much melted fresh water flowed in.


Actually we need to stop oil winnings, surely on sea, as that we already saw what kind of damages it brought forth as when infrastructure failed (deep horizon fore example) at the other way, we can create pipelines to bring filtered seawater in many inwards countries -- Even so capture rainwater aside the roads (for example) and channeling it, to maintain droughts and floods.





 JustiSword = reincarnationtopuréfyouthowordallioneincarnation

you've to obey  = hear what the warning in message Revelation 6:6 said: do not damage the oil and the (win) => which expleciet said don't do on oilwinning nor minening. as that you see what it otherwise resulted in. (Revelation 22:18-19)

Actually reducing won't be enough and in the period 2015-2019 it was still arise,
so how long does it take to put an agreement into action?

May the coming Spirit have grace with you ...




515 . 1016 m³ = volume atmosphere 


A question: emission gasses resultating in small scale:
what happens when a car is been put in a closed garage box and you would let the motor rule so the gasses went out in the closed box,
and you’ll come back after x time … can you breath?
--- On large scale: The volume of earth’s atmotphere = 5.15 . 1018 m³

>>> So with engenierd computer simulations, we can calculate thereon, how many parts/million CO² the atmosphere shall be poluted by how many emissioned gasses.

We saw in picture that energy consumed by fossil fuels = 120.000 TWh (2019) x  8.760 hours to know in a year.
TWh = Terawatt hour, watt = Joule/seconde

influence higher (joules “energy,heat”) the temperature risen aswell the Pressure!
conscequenced that: “heat entropy = Joule/Kelvin”

heat capacity, entropy = m².kg/s².K

the pressure rises, so the High fields increase which creates more droughts, which than tributes to more random floods because the vaporized water will than falling at same places due air-stream changes and High-pressure blockades zones:

since Joule = Pascal . m³, so we see reformulated “heat capacity, entropy” = Pa.m³/Kelvin.

>>> So with engenierd computer simulations, which effect it has on the global temperature.
we should create insights what if we put 120.000TWh / 3600 = 33,33 TWs = “3,33 . 1013 Joule.s”
into the atmosphere which is 5.15 . 1018 m³
Joule = W.s

Nasa on nasa climate change agreed with comment that CO2 what we push into atmosphere doesn’t dissapear by its own in 1.000 too 10.000 years.

So we need inventions to pluck CO2 out of the air, and radical reduce our input as we would behold a livable habitat here on earth!
ps. Many parts in the world wair mask already before covid-19 period was in the world because the high pollution rates **.

Still we see in picture from past 422.000 years, that by every cooling down it reduces its CO2 PPM.
– The reason that when in Ice-ages the dense of pollution of CO2 (PPM) lowers could be due the fact, that if the air in higher regions of the atmosphere will cooling down too up a point of -78,5°C wherethroughby the CO2 gass particles will changes its state of aggregation – CO2 gasses changes into dry ice, which on its part than falls down out the air upon earth. For how else could the Apocalypse/Revelation has talk about extremely heat weather, even so in apocalypse 16:21 Huge hailstones, each weighing as much as a hundred pounds, fell from the sky.  – 

** In parts with "high humidity (HO) rates" (air) the pollution is more dense because the water particles obsorbe more CO2,
because it formes bonds with Hydrogen (H&O2 >> rain). We concludes this even so that the polution rate in Visable rate is more as in countries where there is much low humidity rates (air), such as Spain for example – The more dense of pullution the darkened the view, because it absorbe in the atmosphere to come also a bit down with rainfalls.

NOTE: put stones of coal into water and it gets dark, but if one put high pressure on CO2 into a waterstream,
the water becomes crystal clear with gass bubbles (soda = HCO3) or said living water ;) ... Still when the gasses disolve by time, the Carbon = dissapeared.
<<< Actually by doing so we can create more oxygen to stream into the waterstreams when the manufacturing would be transformed onto that instead to push into the air. (more Oxygen particles because the O3 = Ozon, due enrised pressure in atmosphere could maintain to contribute the Ozon layer is repairing of other gasses which broke it off (HC-O3) ​To reflect more sunlight (UV) to reabove, we can use grand aluminium reflectors ...




510.100.000 km² Earth surface

I red once a statement a Belgian journal, so based on that article in newspaper, windturbines where planned to set in flemish brabant, … 3 windturbines will serve 13500 peoples for electric-grid :) (Note: these had not the grand capacity as those on the sea) So this, in knowning to question, how many windturbines we've to put in service for ecologic Elektric only measured on windforce, as all people on planet earth would use the same high use of elektricity as in Belgium?

The answer = 1,6 million windturbines <-> Note: it isn’t economics inclusive calculated!

Ps. How than fair trade the elektricity to the environment: Take the total manufacturing price of all of them = windturbines (stale) + the wage of those who have contribute to placet hem, divided due the endurances of lifetime of those wind statures to know the total set up price. Than you should measure the monthly price / family and you will see than that it won’t be so expansive.



Visionair the idea!  For plastic pollution in the sea,
actually there existing ways to recycle plastic, we need that to investigated world wide fore else it will cause a huge problem in the near future, mention that we aren't yet a long time using it, so be aware of its consequences!