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(= what is manifestation in our life and spiritual consciousness awakening to rise too higher truths and higher self =)

In religion sense what you heared above: “Dio has given the spirit (spoken in tongues) such you heared on my 3 video-talks >
Bible NT: Acts chapter 2 –meaning to become 1 in global = universal sense.

Therefore the part of religion teach: "battle between good and evil has to be recognized as being 1 = 1"

This equation is so WoW:

Farad . Tesla = Fotonenergy

Ephoton = h . f

Ephoton = FT : which means when you're Total capacity

is reached youre spirit = expansion from thé inner too outside within behold and a luminous cloud around body self = created with universal Powers

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Transformation and ascension symptons


The flashes of creativity you receive will be very important to you.

Recognize these insights and act on them.

It goes from the one subject to another subject and back

<first subject> goes to a next chapter.

So it is important that you stimulate this part of your brain in order to balance out all the thinking and data processing.

you do with the other half of information you receive here:

I TeachYou!:Here to behold our life secure: !!! Be alert & wake up !!!

This webzone will change the World as we know it. Very explicit.

Stay focussed on what we (1) have to say.

You're in save hands when you've watched the zone.

Be carefull, because it could create an immense shockwave.

After reading: Take some rest & relax! ... Then MOVE on !!!

!=able to explain alot :
* How to cope with the end of the monitairy system,
* How to use desert sand to recover things,
* How to stay safe during climate disasters and where does it comes from,
* How to become 1 in the transmission of divine energy, such what is time (Power)
* etc. solutions for almost everything here to find;
* How religion is been declared in mathematical viewpoint aswell to make the differences one’s – Intention: Become “One”
* Climate change and transformations

So I hope this artificial notificated teaching here been shown, gives you lessons to bring you hope & love to move on in these uncertain times ahead:

So be blessed you’ve read and be alert fore the grand awakening in conscious refuge

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Transformation and ascension symptons



fore more english information about Transformation and ascension symptons:

I guide you also too the webzone

How they formulated: “What Is Ascension?”
The Ascension process and the Signs and Symptoms associated with it are occurring on a Personal and Planetary level. Ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness which creates a shift in consciousness. When a particular life system raises its vibrationary state from one energetic state of being/realm of existence, to another higher one, it is ascending. Put simply, it is like tuning into a particular radio station frequency--you can't hear a particular radio station unless you're tuned in to it's particular frequency.

Ascension changes are occuring on all levels of your being.
During the ascension process changes are occuring on all levels of your being. Ascension is a completely natural and universal evolutionary process. As one shifts in vibrational frequency, and as their awareness expands, symptoms are experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Your system is rebooting, being 'tuned up' or upgraded. Old patterns begin to fall away as one starts to embody much more light and develops a more expanded awareness of who they are, and the collective reality that they are a part of.


There is a lot going on inside of you.


Maths have shown & declared you brighten on my zone:


Y I E O U A O JhéOh!
This equation is so WoW :

Farad . Tesla = Fotonenergy
Ephoton = h . f
Ephoton = FT :

which means when you're Total capacity is reached youre spirit = expansion from thé inner too outside within behold and a luminous cloud around body self = created with universal Powers

Thé Wishes noon :
Farad . Tesla = h . f ...
... Ephoton = h . f ;
... Ohm . h = kg . f . m ...

serve (6) (,) senses (6) (2) see (6)>

h = 6,626 . 10-34 J.s
I testify :
λ = h/momentum Energy innerlife form bonds with Ephoton = h.f
becuz : momentum . lenght = expressed in Joule.s <!> f.j.s = fCj/A
: herein s = C/A <> s = Coulomb/Ampère ► C = s.A : hereins
Consequence due this knownledge we reformulate Eph = h.f into <!>
“C . Eph = h . A”
Eph = h.f : becuz h = expressed in J.s > J.C/A >>
Eph = f . Cj/A <> “C . E = h . A”
Wherefore in need?
To have a known what is stream (A) & time (s) = power (W) :
Charge = s . A <> Charge = Power . stream!
Recognizing colloboration ♦ transformation consciousness
"(psyche) ♦ (f.JC/A)" = A7/C,
elektro-magnetisme, nature < Farad . Tesla = h . f >

In short way explained :
Your inner life = affect due by so :
Lambda = h/momentum while momentum . length = Psyche
Equal too Joule . s ( J.s = ) h (:(: C = s.A,

so s = C/A while power = kg.m²/photon, herein photon = s³!


free translate too English artikel < in Dutch>  Translated from article by Nico Appelman (2012) *****************************************************************************

Symptoms of Transformation 

Many people experience all kinds of physical, mental and emotional symptoms right now, in all developments towards and after 2012, … . Symptoms that pop up "all of a sudden", allegedly processed complaints from the past that play up again or complaints that can hardly be explained or are not explained. Symptoms that can make you uncertain: "What's wrong with me?" Often there is nothing to be found medically. These symptoms may well be symptoms of a transformation process that many of us are going through.

Transformation: says, among other things, about transformation: "transformation => conversion, conversion of energy, the conversion of one element into another".
Conversion involves a change. From a spiritual point of view: converting the EGO into the Higher Self. Transformation is inherent in a spiritual development, or rather: a spiritual ONT development. When you develop literally and figuratively, your true core, your true Self, comes to the surface more and that also has to do with change: you transform; you take a different form yourself: your own spiritual transformation.

But that it also has to do with the conversion of energy, is described on the basis of the fact that every transformation entails an increase in consciousness and an increase in personal vibration. Transformation means that you undergo physical, mental and emotional changes, which translates into symptoms that we experience during our transformation process.


Transformation symptoms
The symptoms involved during the transformation process are directly proportional to what we have to clean up. People who have a lot to clean up will be more troubled and hindered by complaints during their transformation process than people who have little psychological or spiritual to clean up. In this respect, a transformation process is very similar to a purification process; blockades are (slowly) being removed or removed.

The symptoms that accompany the transformation process can sometimes be annoying, but most of the people next door can continue to function well. Unless the complaints get too bad. Then we are invited or sometimes "forced" to take a good look at this and to become aware of those things in us that have not yet been converted or transformed. Often it concerns issues that we would rather not face. These things then continue to work subcutaneously / unconsciously and demand our attention through all kinds of complaints. Of course you need patience with yourself, but also time, courage and love to get started with yourself.


The most prominent symptoms are the physical symptoms in various forms. Fatigue is the leader here. Transformation processes simply cost a lot of energy! Old energies are converted into new forms of energy. Allow your body sufficient (night) rest and relaxation to accommodate all these changes.

Pain also scores high. Especially headache, which is then experienced as a pressure. Other pains are: neck pain, pain in the shoulders and back. This could possibly be the result of the intense changes in our DNA. In addition, one also experiences muscle cramps, muscle aches or joint pain. These pains usually alleviate through rest, relaxation, meditation or Reiki treatment.

In addition to these annoying symptoms, people also experience more perspiration, flu-like symptoms, diarrhea and fever or attacks of heat. These could have to do with the cleansing of, among other things, emotions and the removal of blockages. The body is then busy cleansing itself and getting rid of toxins and impurities. Ringing in the ears, pressure in your ears and reduced concentration caused by changes in frequency in the different parts of the brain.

Changes in sleep patterns are: regularly waking up at night and unable to sleep or sweating more at night. This is possibly the result of the effects of the energies that change the biorhythm and the conversion of energies into yourself. In principle, this does not have to influence daily functioning, because people (oddly enough) often just wake up rested. Do not worry in bed, but do something relaxing and look for distraction. You can suddenly suffer from intense (er) dreams. Dreams about struggle, fights, being chased after or being bitten by animals. This symbolizes the release of old energies and indicates that a lot is being worked and processed at night. Most complaints are of a temporary nature.


On the emotional level, sadness in particular is at the forefront. This sadness can arise for no reason. A transformation process is a change process. Sometimes it has the characteristics of a grieving process, which can go together with feelings of gloom. This has to do with letting go of the old familiar (thinking) patterns and getting used to the new energies.

Give space to this sorrow and these tears: it is all part of the cleansing process and process of conversion or release.
Here too, approach yourself lovingly and without judgment.
Feeling lonely is also common. You may have the idea or the feeling that you feel alone in your transformation process; only on your spiritual path. People may find it difficult to follow you or lag behind in their own development. As a result, contacts with these people become diluted, which reinforces the feeling of loneliness. The emptiness within you will learn to fill you with the increasing feeling of love, new energy and heightened consciousness.
Another intense emotion that is experienced is that of homesickness. Some people feel homesick and long for the Source; to Home and want to get away from here. This is because people start to remember where they come from: from a judgment-free, loving place where the sense of Oneness is strongly present. Know that you are never really alone and that you are desperately needed on Earth. After all, you have come so far! Moreover, you can help others with their transformation process and with the transition to the next dimension (s) and the new energy.


Spiritual / Spiritual
You can notice confusion. The transformation entails not only a conversion, but also a transition phase, in which the old energies are still present in addition to the existing and developing new energies. Then you are between two dimensions and you may feel swung back and forth between them. This is confusing but also tiring. You have to reinstall, as it were, and ground again in those new energies. You will be upgraded as it were.

Your consciousness increases; your intuition increases and you may notice that you may develop clear gifts, such as clairvoyance or clairvoyance. You might "suddenly" see auras or you will feel clear.

Talking in yourself also increases. Your thinking becomes more and more judgment-free and more loving. Unity thinking is developing more and more. This comes from the heightened consciousness and the insight that we are all from the same Source and are One.

In the social field, transformation can be seen by (drastic) changes in, for example, work, career, (family) relationships, friendships or personal choices. Old contacts or relationships that stand in the way of soul growth are released and new contacts take their place. Accept this and recharge yourself and your soul with the new energy and soul-nourishing relationships.

You change, you make different choices and these things change. You will also find something else or better that more closely matches your passion and your soul growth. This also needs time to develop.

Meditation, taking time for yourself, patience and lovingly dealing with yourself are also important here to get in touch with your Self. Know that most symptoms are only temporary in nature and know that you are not the only one going through a transformation process. Seek support if necessary.

With regard to our own transformation process, but also with regard to the transformation processes of others, let us play a role as a "teaching student". Let the teacher in yourself help and support the other person without judgment, patiently and lovingly in his or her transformation process and let the student in ourselves learn from those who are further in their process, so that the symptoms can be healed and transformed in our own process.


We wish you lots of strength, support and love!


Transforming the Ego (part 1)

Meeting with the Ego

Many people live under the assumption that they are their Egos. They identify (unknowingly) with their Ego and act from the Ego. They probably don't even notice that they are behaving from their ego. Only when you become aware that you have an Ego instead of that you would be, can you not only meet and recognize the Ego of yourself but also that of other people. How can you recognize that Ego?


The Ego
Ego comes from Latin and literally means: me. Because the Ego is something you have instead of what you really are, the Ego gives an incorrect perception of who you are. It is often a false and sometimes inflated identification with a self-image, self-definition or self-feeling. It is that part of man that others need to provide themselves with self-worth. The Ego is the sum of all imagined self-definitions that a person has mastered, whether or not addressed. A special variant in this whole is that of the collective Ego; a jointly shared group Eco behind which individual Egos sometimes hide to feel good (or even better). According to Eckhart Tolle, the Ego is composed of two aspects namely: structure and content. The main characteristic of the Ego is without doubt the identification with and the attachment to a certain form or content. The structure of the Ego is determined by, among other things, thought forms and words such as: "I", "me", "my", "I am", "I have", "I must", "I can" and "I want LAKE..." . For the collective Ego it is of course about thought forms such as: "we", "us / our", "we are" and so on.

The structure thus forms a basis which is subsequently filled and dressed by a content. The content of the Ego is (very) personal and exchangeable. For one, the content is determined by someone's status and job for which people must respect: "I am a psychologist", "I am a doctor". For another, the content of the Ego is filled in by possessions, designer clothing, the detached owner-occupied home or an expensive car: "Look what I have!" Other examples of content forms can be: religion, one's own body, acquired knowledge / wisdom, (specific) skills, own vision and opinions, preferences, basically everything that concerns me and / or mine.

Start of recognition
Recognizing the Ego begins with becoming aware of and realizing that you are not your Ego, but that you have an Ego. That you have an Ego is evident from the fact that you can observe your own Ego. The Ego can be observed. The Ego is, so to speak, the observed. And the observed, that which you observe, can of course not be what you are in Reality. Many people live in the illusion that they are their Ego.

They identify with their Ego, with their thoughts, emotions, behavior and self-definitions. They identify with that. They appropriate the thoughts (for example: "I am intelligent"), the emotions ("I am depressed") and behavior ("I am an alcoholic") themselves. They attach themselves as owners to everything that relates to me, me and my. The second step to learn to recognize your own Ego is therefore to observe the Ego. You can observe everything about the Ego: his thoughts, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. By observing, you distance yourself from what you are observing and you immediately get rid of it. When you get rid of that, the identification can no longer be total. Observing the Ego therefore has an important advantage. When you can observe the Ego the moment it is there (as something that appears and disappears) without identifying with it, it is literally and figuratively Enlightenment.

Meeting with the Ego
When you start observing, you will meet your own Ego, but also that of others, quickly enough. You come across the Ego more often than you think. It pops up quite easily in all kinds of different situations.

The main cause of the Ego's performance is often "non-acceptance" in the broadest sense of the word. Somehow "something" is not accepted by the Ego. That which is present at that moment is not accepted. The Ego does not agree with this. Non-acceptance is often expressed in opposition. And precisely that resistance is a recognizable point of the Ego in action. This resistance does not cause the Ego to disappear. No, it brings with it even more Ego, and therefore more suffering. Resistance therefore maintains the Ego.

The resistance can be expressed in many ways. The most obvious thing is when the resistance of the Ego expresses itself in getting angry. Often the resistance consists of swearing, swearing, or sometimes more violent expression in kicking, hitting, fighting, stabbing or shooting. Meaningless violence is an extreme example in which the ego of one damages the other. It is not uncommon for anger to be directed only at the individual. Then other forms of resistance are visible. People are going to scold themselves, blame themselves, judge or judge themselves, beat themselves up, or bring themselves down. Not accepting "something", a situation or the past or what is happening at that moment can then turn into binge eating, or not eating, grabbing alcohol or drugs or other forms of self-harm (scratching, cutting, burning, etc.). punching, banging).

In addition to anger, there are other emotions that indicate resistance from the Ego: such as dissatisfaction, loneliness, gloom, guilt, sadness or fear. In case of dissatisfaction, the resistance can easily be recognized by complaining about what a person is doing: complaining about the situation, the other person or about himself, or moaning, nagging or falling into self-blame or self-pity. Dissatisfaction can also lead to people looking for things outside themselves that have to provide the desired satisfaction, the "coveted happiness". Loneliness and gloom can sometimes express themselves in the same way by isolating themselves and coming to nothing; one then becomes inactive or passive.

Specific events can also be a reason to meet the Ego. It can then be about very different events; unexpected unpleasant events in particular play a role. You can think of situations in which it (absolutely) does not go the way YOU want it. It is not going as you hoped or expected. The Ego finds that difficult. Then a form of resistance can immediately come to the fore. We often see the aforementioned anger or frustration. Or it may be about the idea / feeling or the fact that you are being thwarted, that it is against you, or that you have to do something that you don't feel like doing or that you don't want to do. That is difficult for the Ego to accept. Other recognizable situations can be: that you feel hurt and that provokes resistance. You feel compromised in your honor or kicked on your cock / soul or you have given your Ego a blow because someone has said something wrong or something that you (absolutely) disagree with. You feel hurt; wronged, assessed or convicted or rejected.
It is not uncommon for the resistance from the Ego to come to the fore: you lash out at the other, you get angry and start to scold or you judge or condemn the other or you offend the other in the same way.

The Ego always strives for self-preservation. So especially in situations where the Ego is threatened or attacked or one has the idea that the Ego is in danger, will not be acceptable. The Ego will certainly be resisted. In addition to unpleasant events, pleasant events can also give a demonstration of the presence of the Ego. Then we often meet people who marinate in their Ego because of the position and the associated dominant position that they hold, the popularity that they enjoy, the scissors of ladies that they have after them, or situations in which people walk next to their shoes. It may be the familiarity that caresses their Ego, the attention and attention that they attract, or the "divine" status that they believe they embody. Whether it is an area where one can show others what they excel at, or when there is something to be gained or "won" somewhere.

Psychologically we can meet ego egoism, perfectionism and narcissism. This is not so difficult to imagine with egoism because the person completely identifies himself with what he thinks, feels and, above all, does in his own interest. The desire for emotion often plays a role in this.

One has a (unstoppable) desire to want something, to want something, to want to be able to be, to want to be, to want to do and / or to want to experience. With perfectionism the Ego is recognizable through the resistance from the emotion dissatisfaction and from the thought of having to do everything. The result that presents itself is not satisfactory. The demands are adjusted even higher and people continue to look for "more", "better", "more luxurious" etc. outside of themselves. Narcissism is more in the personality. A narcissist is an "egophile". The Ego thinks itself great! The Ego is self-assured, wants to be right and be right and shows the environment how good, handsome, smart, knowledgeable he is: "look at me!". Hereby the positive reactions from the environment only feed the narcissism of that person. After all: the Ego is always focused on wanting / having to be better than the other; outdoing the other, if necessary at the expense of the other to keep feeling good.

Many problems arise from identification with and attachment to the Ego. People identify with their work, skills or possessions. If someone dares to say something about your excellent job results, or criticizes your newly acquired property, then the other person immediately says something about you (w Ego). The Ego is often comparing itself with the other and then coming to all kinds of judgments, criticisms and accusations.

In this respect, the Ego focuses on separation and focuses on differences between its own Ego and the Ego of the other. In what can I become / be better than the other? What does the other person have more than me? Can I still compete in this? The Ego is often focused on wanting to have more or wanting more than another, materialistic, focused on status, prestige, power, power, winning and superiority over the other.

The Ego is also used to think in dualities; in terms of good-bad, reliable-unreliable, beautiful-ugly, me-you, etc. This means that the Ego can quickly get out of balance and easily lose control of its emotions. That is why the Ego wants to maintain control over itself (and if possible also over others, because that means nice power again). Loss of control can then be equal to loss of face. The Ego then suffers a dent and that is exactly what the Ego wants to prevent. He doesn't want to go off, make a mistake, or make a fool, because that's bad for his image. That is why it is so bad against criticism.

The Ego is very busy doing and hardly being. It is especially thinking a lot; thinking ahead about the future and analyzing the past, which means that the Ego not only has difficulty with the present moment, but often ignores it. It has "little or no awareness of the presence of the power of the now" and the life in the present moment. The Now is often too difficult for the Ego, because then the Ego is forced to surrender to a state of being and experiencing. The Ego sometimes prefers a state of thought and illusions.

Finally: the illusion of the Ego
The conclusion after the encounter and introduction to the Ego is: "We are not our Ego, we are not our false Self!" At most, we can say that we have an Ego and we cannot detach ourselves from what we actually are. This requires that we become aware of our Ego and that we see through the illusion. We may transform our Ego in this time of spiritual development. Important here is to observe the Ego. But what can we do next if we have observed and recognized it within that encounter? This will be transformed into part 2 of the Ego next time.


Transforming the Ego (part 2 - final)


Meeting the Ego
rewritten source in english  translation from “in dutch Nico Appelman”
The Ego is our untrue self; a collection of definitions that we have mastered about ourselves. Self-definitions about who we think we are, what we can (skills), what we have (body, status, job, possessions) and what we need, want or know (knowledge / opinion / vision). It is a mask with which we make ourselves known to the outside world. The Ego is not something that we are in reality. You are not your Ego. You can only say that you have an Ego. Many people are not aware of this illusion. They still live under the assumption that they are their Egos and also act from the same Egos.

This often entails the necessary suffering, to a greater or lesser extent. And many people want to reduce this suffering in life. After all: people want to feel comfortable and "be happy". For this it is necessary that we see through the illusion and come to a transformation of our Ego. This transformation is always the central and most essential aspect of any spiritual development, regardless of which spiritual teaching or tradition you follow. How can we transform our Ego?
Characteristic of the Ego
Before one can proceed with the transformation of the Ego, it is important to know the main characteristics of the Ego. One of the main characteristics of the Ego is: identification with something and / or being attached to something or someone. For example, people easily identify with their thoughts, feelings and behaviors and think they are. In fact, you cannot be your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. You have thoughts, feelings and behaviors, but you are not. Attachment often manifests itself in identifying with one's own self-definitions, being attached to status, power and possessions; basically everything you need in things, knowledge, skills, opinions and what is characterized by "me", "me" and / or "my".

Another characteristic of the Ego is that it has difficulty with the Here and Now. It has difficulty accepting the Present Moment as it presents itself. The non-acceptance is then expressed in resistance and it is precisely that resistance that Ego is in action. Resistance is therefore something that sustains the Ego. The Ego will often look for something else, something better that gives more fulfillment and what promises to supplement your incomplete sense of who you are. The Ego then (almost) always enters the trap of looking for its source of happiness outside of itself, while the seeker is the wanted self.


The insight
Transformation of the Ego starts with becoming aware or being aware of the insight that we are not our Ego, but that we have an Ego (or at least with the willingness to be open to that and to go there). look). This awareness is essential. After all: you cannot change anything that you are not aware of! Only when you are aware of something can you change. Being aware of the fact that you have an Ego instead of being it is the start of the transformation process. If this insight is not present, there will also be no transformation of the Ego, because then you will still respond from the identification with your Ego and the assumption that you are your Ego. When you are aware of the fact that you have an Ego instead of being it, you can proceed with your transformation.


Transformation of the Ego

The first step that is important in this is observing the Ego in a loving and judgment-free manner. After all: that is the natural state of the true Self. And then not only observing one's own Ego, but also observing the Ego with the other. Observing has several advantages. First, it takes care of a one-way trip to the Here and Now; something that the Ego often has difficulty with. Precisely in the Here and Now it happens. There is no time more important than the Now; no place more important than the Here. With observing you make direct contact with the Here and Now. By observing you empower the awareness of something; in this case, being aware of your Ego. Moreover, you will discover that you do indeed have an Ego instead of that you are. The "seeing" that you have an Ego immediately confirms the aforementioned insight. By observing you become aware of the presence of your Ego. By observing you can not only become aware and / or be aware of your Ego, but also recognize it as such in both yourself and others.

Recognizing the Ego with the other can prevent you from being tempted to respond to the Ego of the other from your own Ego. Another advantage of observing is that you distance yourself from what you observe. The moment you observe your Ego, you immediately distance yourself from your Ego and you can look at it from a distance. By observing / observing the Ego, the identification is also no longer total and detachment can take place; detachment from what you really are not. You can only detach yourself from something you have, not from what you are. By giving up your identifications with the Ego and detaching them, you immediately connect with what you are in Reality; your true Self. Seeing this alert and being aware of your Ego the moment it is there without identifying yourself with it could be literally and figuratively called Enlightenment.


Observing / observing
So you can observe the Ego. The Ego is therefore something you perceive: it is the observed. And here is an important following insight: the observed can of course never be what you are in Reality. After all, you cannot really be something that you perceive. You cannot be the observed. That which you are in Reality, your true Self, is what makes perception possible! It is pure Consciousness, the Observer who perceives the Ego and its qualities as something that appears and disappears.

You can actually observe everything of the Ego (such as the body, its thoughts, its emotions and behaviors) and then come to the conclusion that you are not the body, not the thoughts, neither the feelings nor the behaviors. It is therefore important in the transformation process to learn to no longer identify with the Ego, with something that you are not. That is no longer necessary. Not identifying yourself with your body, your thoughts, feelings or behaviors, but merely observing this Ego, only observing when something appears and disappears, is at the core of the transformation process.


The next thing you could observe are the mechanisms of the Ego. Which mechanisms work through your Ego? Can you recognize it and then transform it? Observe this. In what ways does the non-acceptance play in your life? What do you find difficult to accept? How does this non-acceptance express itself in opposition? What does YOUR resistance consist of? To what extent does your resistance cause personal suffering or suffering? Observe your own resistance and transform it. The Ego is resisted. And resistance will never be able to put an end to resistance. But resistance can be seen, and in that seeing lies freedom. Give up the resistance.


See to what extent you can come to an acceptance of what you find difficult to accept. Acceptance is the essence of what you already are: the silent Consciousness that gives room to everything that comes up in it, impartial and without judgment. Even the (resistance to) Ego is welcome. It is about saying "yes" to the Present Moment, to the Now and your Self. It is about accepting the Now and what is present at that moment without resisting you. It has to do with surrender by refraining from (having to) act or intervening in a waking manner and being aware of all this. Being aware is the Power that is hidden in the Here and Now. The Ego does not understand that the only opportunity to have peace is Now.

In fact, the Ego does not want you to discover this either. Peace often means the end of the Ego. But only being present, being aware in the Now, can free you from the Ego. That is neither in the future nor in the past. After all, it is not always necessary to always act and intervene. We can choose not to do that more often. We do not always have to fight, to resist or to be right. That is not important for our true Self. We can learn to detach ourselves from our Ego by only being aware and observing in the Here and Now. Then there is no need to respond from your Ego to the Ego of the other. Then you do not have to be disturbed by all your thoughts or feelings, but then you can respond from your true Self. Your true Self that is filled with Love, Consciousness, Connectedness, Peace, Unity and Balance.


Key word:
It is clear that the number of people who are Ego-free is rare. Transforming the Ego can therefore be quite difficult, because the Ego can / will resist. The Ego is afraid of being lost and is fighting for self-preservation. However, you cannot lose something that you are not, at most the illusions that you had. The Ego in itself is not something wrong, because then we would judge it. But the ego and the suffering that comes from it can be something that can stand in our way to experience happiness. The Ego has a clear function in this. After all: it was not always intended that it would be fun to go through life as an Ego. It is sometimes intended to be disappointing, painful and frustrating, so that we are motivated to finally give up identification and to discover the truth about who we really are.


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