There is a need to make thoroughly questions at first, as that we have recognized that since the industrial revolution, nature has roared its answer:
“we have to change our ways to deal with it”.

Effective answer towards it: “Mankind have to be united, and it conforms worldwide being united”.  

Questions, such as those below, won’t otherwise be solved, as it is a need to behold peace in the environments even so for to hold on, and to hold a stop on destruction = emergency call of nature.

When you would take a look to how much fossil fuels we pushed into the air past 150 years and increased the past 30 years due enormous population growt, wherein now the most have gained acces to use vehicles, increased economics, etc. which are been roulating on those fossil fuels …

We just need to go back in the archieves of pictures to see what is going on:
Example: look to sky views around famous buildings 30 à 50 years ago & look to them right now.
The difference might be very clear: “The sky view around them isn’t that clear anymore due smog.

So what do you now conclude thereon?
When you see that in a short time everything is changed in the clouds, what would than the result become when we do it fore just another 30 years or so?

The question isn’t anymore we will see than, the question is more to see as:
Should we still can breath and is there even life possible, if we do further as that?
That risk we won’t love to take isn’t it? But the answer is indeed, yes life is at risk!

So what now to do?
Because another risk would appears than:
For example the Gaza region who gain their income due exploitate their oil winnings past 100 years.
Should than a cathastropic nuclair war break out, because without gain the whole region is at stake?

The answer to that question depends on how the world will deal with the effective answer from above:
“Mankind have to be united, and it conforms worldwide being united”.

There is almost none other solution than 1 currency, and wages to be payed by job equal all over the world equality as what the job authority means. So with other words: a base loan for each individual and there on build standard conformities to pay each according there deeds and or what they’ve already have done for elders according to the new introducements, so no-one gets excluded of it.



Never Equivalence Sociates Weapons:
money is a social weapon, having to less causes problems, and having to much creates problems to who doesn’t have enough, because not everyone is good intented, and even good intented people can be put on risk due that big problem: “the love for money is the sourche of all evil things”.
What does someone has over to survive? We’ve seen hallucinated things happen in world, dont you?

Everything is prone to change.

Let these information below inspire you,
so you might see other reasons why capitalisme is at the end of its time.

1) “On the one hand, robots would make it possible to liberate people from the imperative of working, but this could only happen as a result of a massive redistribution of income”. On the other hand, if robots are allowed to replace the human workforce on a large scale, there will be no one to pay for the products that the robots are making. Such a crisis may be somewhat ahead of us, so you see the potential risks, that there might be no work offerings enough to ensure Mankind the same way how they did received their incomes as once before, even so that the governement won’t receive enough income due their wage taxes, to ensure the social assurence of the none employments or health sectors, ... This trend we saw past years only increasing and the goverments balance of input and output each time getted more out of balance, while the scream for enviromental investigations and rise of social assurances gets louder and louder …

To lower increased violence past years, there is a need for a total new concept to prevent escalations.

2) The inequality (wage) you see in picture, is the source for tremendous chaos.
Since invention of internet, more and more people became aware of its problem aswell to find their opportunity. You don't have to think very hard, to agree with what that causes and is even so the sourche of corruption: unfair trade, slavery, unnecessary excessive transports, …

We can only solve this problem when we trade/pay as one unity!
The european union thought to pay with equal coin, but is actually divided in its own plan to do trade with eachother.

So you might remember the bible statement: “An empire which is divided at its own behaviours, will go on its own destruction”.
So we go on to that statement of the united message of the bible: Unity which the internet provides worldwide to be connected as 1 to deal with eachother, all together, makes the statement not only a national problem but a global problem, …
Which means when the world isn’t conformitive with their dealings with eachother it is way up to go to its destruction. …
So we can better tackle the problem right away, than walk away, cuz the systembug only get worse as the consciousness of this risen, such we saw problems rised in civilisation from 2000 up too 2020. …


ps. you do not have to pay extra tax, if you make tax deductibility transparent and close the evasion gates, there is already a lot more justice.

3) There is a great problem in the balance between, “the amount of circulating money in the system” and “the total price of the wealth which is produced” … So the consequence of that equation means that not all which what is manufactured can be bought up. Which results that companies rise their prices of their products at first to gain more by selling less, and the final result will be that many companies will end to exist, because overconcurented producing of equal products as even so did outer countries could sell for lower prices as regionals which we concluded in phrase before. … Back tot he sense why not everything can be bought up due the not being in balance of “the amount of circulating money in the system” and “the total price of the wealth which is produced”.

There must all the time as much money be in flow as there are goods & services are been generated:
Explained due Fisher equation MV = YT wherein Y = GDP! MV = money velocity & YT = trade volume



Example Belgium:
The gross domestic product (GDP) of a country or region is the market value of all goods and services produced in one year. in Belgium that was “EUR 437.2 billion” in 2017.

The average income was calculated in 2017 due by dividing the total net taxable income by the total Belgian population (0 to 100+ years). So in other words, it is the total income of every habitant of Belgium, which they owned for example to buy what is been produced or could been served simple said.

This was € 18,331 / year and based on 11,500,000 inhabitants = 211 billion €
= total received NET. income in 1 year of whole population (Belgium).

We see thus the inequality: 437 - 211 = 226!

Fisher Equation: MV=YT!

€ 226 billion / year the whole inhabitants of Belgium has received too little for the created goods and services which where provided to make use of it, …

Put this example in world view, so that export isn’t meant to think where those goods went to, because for those other countries is it also inequal with what one do and what one receive in its full assets!

So year in year after year, country by country each year again the inequality have risen to a point that all is went to failure and social assurance are in riks, because we working for things where there is none money became available towards it ...


To mitigate immigration you need to make peacefull agreements with the countries where it begon — Oppurtitional, to rebuild the devastated land.

Never Equivalence Sociates Weapons:

When you are willing to accept the insights which are been described …
Then you shall understand, that the price which the reconstruction in its full asset will cost, doesn’t have to be paid due one kind of tax collection, but through a re-capitalization of all our past works: “which means what is been put to short in money velocity (MV) regards the trade volume (YT)”.   

Even so it can be used for example: for to fundate each rehabilitation, even so for each country, for taking care instances & to bridge past —  brighter future.


Most part of poverty is because the price of an home is to expensive, so there is less over to buy anything else.
here is a shortcoming in home facilities, as we know, but when a rich men won’t investigate that much as that it is nessacity in these assets, the prices of the existent possibilties risen, wether they are livable or not livable due its ages (for example). Wherethrougby for many people it isn’t reable to pay any comfortable room.
Regards the situation of the negative rent or low rent for borrowing money for the state, it creates a big oppurtunity for investing in creating social environments.

When the government would seperate the borrow from the “yearly budget”, with a “long time budget” it requires to pay itselfs off in the periode of time.
When the goverment would borrow an amount of money for example 70 years, is somewhat saying a lifetime after the age when kids gets mature.

** At forehand the government can let calculate how many it would cost to build on a new grandious terrain, building complexes integrated with all kind possibilties to be used in common with native parks surrounded …
When than take the whole buildingprice to create it, with all kind facilities inclusive, divided due 840 to know the price/month on an endurance of 70 years, and the result of this dividing due how many people can live in the new environment, the price can behold low even when the self-room itself is made comfortable and there is an amount saved for renovation when nessacity.
** for example if it would cost 200.000.000 € for 1000 households to integrate, it means when each household would pay 300€/month there will be 52.000.000 € for renewings in the period of 70 years. when in Belgium 150.000 people are asking for a social home, we need somewhat € in equal level as example.
Vision for future: possibility to let family or friends come to integrate in the neighborhood – when more likewise possibilties come in the landscape, you can with the same lowprice contract go from the one to another one to be re-united, as even so it creates natural coherency to connect nature habitats back with eachother in the mean while.



insights how to bring our civilization into oneness unity and how we can manage that we’ve to produce less, so we might find time to spend where we love to be involved to, in accordance toward free time.

Oneness codex:


1 = { S . P / G . Nx }

( Support base . Productivity ) / ( Goodtransmission . Need x )

S . P = Supply,
G . Nx = Demand, wherein x = can be anything

How more we the demand of each is transmitted on the need of each citizen, the lower workload in general shall be reached.


In Presence Serving, to Support that our Needs (x) will be Gathered to receive result that each 1 their GoodServices will be delivered = common sense = Act to relieve environmental pressures & together we build on a precisious state!

The more you bring the need of any in a presented nota, and than bring into the open so we can serve towards the requested needs of the people themself, will resulting that the more support we offer towards that, that it will enlighten the workload and the environmental lifeworld.

The beloved promise:
"you’ll see change in the way how we all as 1 togehter directing it: “that point of view might be good".

How to provide that into roulation or how to get started and get along with it?
Inventarisation of all x = any good & service
& x in supply (market) and x in demand (we)
--- Bring both inventarisations together in a kind of accesquery 
--- The market at one side and the we at another side – and then make known what the result shown.
…  Admin it into acces queries, Bring visual clear what is needed to do, even so there is a need to know where on we can choose to support a project which = made known where you would love to support, for to make it prosperious happen. Priorities the needs of it.

> So we might have a known what is priority to provide services and which what is already produced:
“in our own community and global needs (common)”
---  Depend on the results we get, we can lower some duties, because it is already accessible, and we have a known what to re-organise and restructure, so the demand come in common: for creating the final result: relieve.

Look alike that people instead of on assignment work for the economy, will work the other way around as that the economy serves the demands of each individual.

Another way how to transcendence materialismn: we can trade / borrow materialismn like a library where we borrow a book, but identical for materialism. In such a way, we dont have to manufacture endlessly in order to buy each materials for our own use. – We all can help a hand and see that it will create releave of economic expensions. For example: when we bring our none dayly used materials which we’ve in home, bring into stock for communitve usage, we don’t have to buy all for ourself, but can use all these materials when we really need, aswell we can make use of more than we thought was possible, even when you didn’t have to buy first to make use of it.