Jhs = kg.m²/Mx

Electrons are extremely small, with each having a mass of 9 × 10-31 kg …
They travel at an amasing speed through the universe, … with enough power they exceed their normal speed, according to Einstein, they need more and more power to gain to fasten their momentum speed, the shorter the electrons comes to the lightenspeed itself, as it where for a particle seems to be impossible to gain the lightenspeed itself, because, it has to be massless as photons should be, theirfore they infinite travel at the speed of light with 0 mass.

Still by this I’ve some questions about that photons haven’t mass, because I guess we need to make a different between radiation light (wave form) and extreme little light particles as thought to be photons (particle form).

Why I requestion this quest?

1. Light in different frequency has different colors, does light in high or low frequency a dark character?
2. Why is the speed of light in vacuum fixed in speed [speed of light in vacuum to be exactly 299,792,458 m/s]
according to the fixed speed question, my thought would be questioning:
“when a kind of resistance (space isn’t vacuum) would due lowering speed, the photon have a form (mass)”;
or question is mere like, is it because a photon particle have an extreme little matter, wherefore the speed is fixed?
3. According to Einstein [E=m.c²] Energy = matter, matter = Energy …
The relationship that “[Joule] = expressed in [kg.m²/s²] “
you can see through equation [E=m.c²] is such alike expressed in [kg.m²/s²] as “c² = fixed (299,792,458 m/s)²” and “kg confirms m expressed as matter in form”

* When “E = h.f”, we can measure the mass of a photon, as it may sensed right to use this formulation, to measure the mass of a photon.  
[E=m.c²] <> [E/c² = m] <> h . f / c² = 7,37 x 10-51 kg.

* When you compare Ephoton too E = M.c²
<>> M = Ephoton/c²
We get: M = (6,62608857.10-34 kg . m² / s²) / (8.9875518e+16 m²/s²)
<==> M = 7.37253e-51 

E = M . c²
E = Joule (kg.m²/s²)
M = (kg)

c = 299792458 m/s
<==> c² = 8.9875518e+16 m²/s²

Ephoton = h . f
h (6,62608857.10-34 Joule . s)
f (1/s)
Ephoton = 6,62608857.10-34 kg.m²/s²
M = Ephoton/c²
<==>  M = (6,62608857.10-34 kg . m² / s²) / (8.9875518e+16 m²/s²)
<==> M = 7.37253e-51 kg . m² . s² / m² . s²
mass of a photon = 7.37253e-51 kg


Ps. (2007) they created a photon molecule
:… Gaseous rubidium atoms were pumped into a vacuum chamber. The cloud was cooled using lasers to just a few degrees above absolute zero. Using weak laser pulses, small numbers of photons were fired into the cloud. As the photons entered the cloud, their energy excited atoms along their path, causing them to lose speed. Inside the cloud medium, the photons dispersively coupled to strongly interacting atoms in highly excited Rydberg states. This caused the photons to behave as massive particles with strong mutual attraction (photon molecules)


When Einstein equation (E = m.c²)
would be completely just, than there is a need to gain speed at the speed of light to the second might <> m = E/c², to create matter.


To form; or to create matter x, I more suggest these formulations:

Mx = fx.V/C


E = h.f <> f = E/h

combined: Mx = EV/Ch **

"remind: Lambda = C/f <> C.s" 

molaire matter is expressed in Mx = g x/mol

There must be particles been spinned, as it where such gnosis would sensed:
“dark & light was set apart, before heaven and earth where created, as it meant they need eachother to be 1”

** why thinking photons can’t be charged?
As it is a bunch of energy (h) mentioned as 6,62608857.10-34 Joule . s, the momentum gains due frequention.

Seeing such in figure, that light being bosons; having a full lenght spin, and some other particles have a half lenght spin, those being waved in eachother, to start with in the beginning from the littles particle (as it where photons, and dark photons, possible that black hole fore example counterclock wise spin and emits energy) …



Thought that forming matter in the formulation is justified: 

Jhs = kg.m²/Mx <<<>>> I thought Jesus said: “I am THE light”, as he would say, “I am DElight”
I merely conclude He is the mind, energy, spirit or how one do calling it, which is all-in the universe.